What is Zen ?
Zen is the exact transmission of the zazen practice. It is the practice of the correct posture and breathing with unified body and mind, thus abandoning any idea or spirit of quest or personal advantage, being completely separated from the intricacy of the selfish spirit. It is the position in which the "Enlightened One", Shakyamuni, attained beatification 2600 years ago. Master Deshimaru called it "Return to the normal, original, universal condition of body and mind".
Consequently, Zazen addresses to all, regardless of age, sex or IQ. Practiced on a regular basis and following the teaching of the true masters of the transmission, it leads to radical transformation of our philosophy of life and brings profound happiness in our everyday life. Our narrow, self-oriented and intricate mind shall certainly make itself available for the highest of wisdoms – the wisdom of enlightenment – and the spirit of universal sympathy shall grow within us unconsciously, naturally and automatically. Kodo Sawaki said: "Allow zazen to do zazen!".
Zen is neither philosophy, nor psychology, nor doctrine. It is beyond philosophy, concept and form. The essence of Zen cannot be put into words.