A dojo is the place where we practice the Way - zazen. It's a simple, quiet place. Zen has never been practiced alone, there has always been transmission from master to disciple - I shin den shin (from mind to mind) - and always in the sangha, the community of practitioners. Master Deshimaru used to compare dojo practice to fire: the more wood you put on it, the stronger the fire is. In the dojo we help each other mutually, so that we can practice strongly and so that we are able to abandon ourselves. If we follow the rules of the dojo and behave in the correct way, we have already put aside a part of our ego, which controls all of our everyday actions. Master Dogen says: "To study Zen is to study ourselves; to study ourselves is to forget ourselves; to forget ourselves is to find our Buddha-nature, our original nature."
We respect all rules for COVID-19 prevention! The schedule may be subject to change due to special circumnstances. For the most up-to-date schedule please check our Facebook Page Mokusho Zen House România!

Bucharest Mokushozen-ji Temple
Address: 2A Complexului st., sector 3 (Dristor neighbourhood/tube station) - Show on map
Zazen schedule:
Monday   19:00 - 20:30
Wednesday   19:00 - 20:30
Friday   19:00 - 20:30

Introduction to zen practice takes place every Tuesday at 19:00. Please register for practice and await for confirmation of the registration by emailing Please bring light clothes for change.

SUMMER HOLIDAY is between July 11th - August 1th.
First zazen after holiday is on Monday, August 2th at 08.00 PM o'clock.

Brașov Mokusho Zen Dojo
Address: Aleea Lacramioarelor, Nr. 7A, Bl. 8,Sc. D, Ap. 22 - Show on map
Phone: 0729 290 028
Zazen schedule:
Monday 06:30  
Tuesday 18:30  
Wednesday 06:30  
Thursday 18:30  
Friday 06:30  

Introduction to zen practice takes place every Tuesday at 18:00. Please register for practice and await for confirmation of the registration by emailing la orat phone number 0729290028. Please bring light clothes for change.

Bistrița Mokusho Zen Dojo
Place: Emi Center - Show on map
Address: 41 Libertății st., st floor
Zazen schedule:
Monday 06:00  
Tuesday 06:00  
Wednesday 06:00  
Thursday 06:00  
Friday 06:00  
Iași Zazen Practice Group
Place: Bowen Therapy Office - Show on map
Address: Mircea cel Bătrân Neighbourhood (first bus station after the Piața Alexandru cel Bun station)
Phone: 0753 180 143
When coming to practice please bring loose fitting clothes so that the posture is taken easily; one can use the changing room of the temple.

Every zazen starts on time, so please arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time. If you have never been to the dojo: please come first to an introduction to practice. Afterwards you can attend any scheduled zazen.

During sesshin periods held in Bucharest the usual schedule is suspended; please contact us in order to participate.